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Award-winning composer, musical director, playwright, and educator


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Nunsense Jamboree 

      Tour (w/Georgia Engel)                              Keyboards                              Dan Goggin / Gindi Theatrical Mgmt., NY.

      DVD & CD  (w/Vicki Lawrence)                  Keyboards                              The Nashville Network / Jim McGinn, TN

Guys and Dolls                                                  AMD/Conductor/Synths        Big League Theatricals, NY. 

Sunday In The Park W/George                        Keyboard I                              Circa 21 Productions, IL. 

Dreamgirls                                                        AMD/Conductor/Pianist        Daedulus Productions, NY


Far From Heaven                                      Musical Director / Pianist             Speakeasy Stage, Boston, MA

Adding Machine                                        Musical Director / Pianist             Speakeasy Stage

               Independent Reviewers of New England award - Musical Director (nominee), Best Musical (winner)

               Elliot Norton Award - Best Musical (winner);

Spring Awakening                                    Musical Director / Pianist             FUDGE Theatre Company, Boston, MA

               Independent Reviewers of New England award - Musical Director (winner)

Parade                                                       Musical Director / Pianist             FUDGE Theatre Company

               Independent Reviewers of New England award - Musical Director (nominee)

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast                Musical Director/Conductor         Wheelock Family Theatre, Boston, MA 

Annie                                                          Musical Director/Conductor         Wheelock Family Theatre

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast                Musical Director/Conductor         New Bedford Festival Theatre, New Bedford, MA

[title of show]                                            Musical Director / Pianist             ACME Theatre Company, Maynard, MA

               DASH (EMACT) award - Musical Director (winner)

Kiss Me Kate                                             Musical Director / Pianist             Concord Players, Concord, MA

               DASH (EMACT) award - Musical Director (winner)

Das Barbecü                                              Musical Director/Pianist              New Repertory Theatre, Newton, MA

The Gig                                                       Musical Director/Pianist              Lyric Stage Company, Boston, MA

The Curse of the Bambino                       Composer/Mus.Dir.                       Lyric Stage Company

When Pigs Fly                                           Musical Director/Pianist               Lyric Stage Company

Berlin to B'way w/ Kurt Weill                  Musical Director/Pianist               Worcester Foothills, Worcester, MA

Pirates of Penzance                                 Musical Director/Kybds                Worcester Foothills

Something’s Afoot                                    Musical Director/Kybds                Worcester Foothills

The Orphan Queen (Solomon)                 Musical Director / Pianist            Jewish Theater of  N. E., Newton, MA

Jack The Ripper...(Bergman/DiGrazia)   Composer/Mus. Dir./Kybds          Centastage, Boston, MA

Monsters the Musical (Phaneuf/Lijoi)    Musical Director/Kybds                Centastage

The King and I                                           Musical Director/Kybds                Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, Auburn, NY 

Fiddler on the Roof                                   Musical Director/Kybds               Merry-Go-Round Playhouse 

Dames At Sea                                           Musical Director/Pianist               American Stage Festival, Nashua, NH

Funny Thing… Forum                               Musical Director/Pianist               American Stage Festival

West Side Story                                        AMD/Pianist                                   North Shore Music Theatre, Beverly, MA 

Lunch (Bettis/Dorff/Hawkins)                Keyboards                                       North Shore Music Theatre

South Pacific (w/Cathy Rigby)                AMD/Keyboards                             North Shore Music Theatre

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast               AMD/Conductor                             Ogunquit Playhouse, Ogunquit, ME

Cats                                                            Keyboards                                      Ogunquit Playhouse

Pump Boys and Dinettes                         Musical Director                            Charles Playhouse, Boston, MA

Together Again (Caesar/Coca)                Keyboards                                      Charles Playhouse

A...My Name Is Alice                                Mus.Dir/Conductor/Kybds            Actors Playhouse, Miami, FL

Tomfoolery                                               Mus.Dir/Conductor/Kybds            Actors Playhouse

Olympus on My Mind                               Mus.Dir/Conductor/Kybds            Actors Playhouse



Into the Woods                                          Musical Director/Pianist               Fitchburg State University

Pirates of Penzance                                 Musical Director                             Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA

Cabaret                                                      Musical Director                             Boston College, Chestnut Hill

Janie’s Song                                              Asst. Mus. Director (AMD)            Northeastern University, Boston, MA    

The Two Orphans                                     Mus.Dir/Conductor                        Brandeis University, Waltham, MA 

The Who’s Tommy                                    Mus.Dir/Conductor                        Brandeis University, Waltham

Merrily We Roll Along                              Mus.Dir/Conductor                        Brandeis University, Waltham

Threepenny Opera                                   Mus.Dir/Conductor                        Suffolk University, Boston, MA

Into The Woods                                        AMD/Pianist                                    Emerson Majestic Theatre, Boston, MA

Hello, Dolly!                                              AMD/Pianist                                    Emerson Majestic Theatre, Boston, MA


Mus. Dir. / Conductor  – Winton Club Cabaret, Winchester, MA; 

        Fundraiser for the Winchester Hospital, 1997- 2016.

Teacher / Musical Director – Middlesex School Summer Arts program, Concord, MA; 1998 - present.

Performing Arts Instructor – Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall School, Waltham, MA; 2001 – 2006.

Choral & Drama Teacher – Littleton Schools, Littleton, MA; 2006 – present.


Accompanist – AMDA auditions in Boston (1999 – present).

Accompanist – Emerson College (BFA and BA in Musical Theatre applicants – 2003-2007)

Affiliations - Theatre Communications Group; Dramatists Guild of America, Inc., ACDA, NAfME.

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