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Short Plays

PLAYS (Short)

We are introduced to Rosie, an abandoned teddy bear.  She talks of the Little Girl who loves her, and the not-so-nice Bigger Lady, whose both verbal and physical abuse causes the Little Girl to seek companionship in her only friend, her teddy bear with the rose on her belly.  So why is Rosie on the side of the road?

"Rosie, the Teddy Bear"

Available from Brooklyn Publishers
(Female Monologue - Dramatic)

Two twenty-somethings from opposite sides of the tracks meet in a graveyard to discover that they have much more in common than their age ranges.  Their conversation, spoken one word at a time, gives them both a glimpse into each other’s “history.”  Winner of the 2003 Sonoma County Rep’s New Drama Works Scripts Competition. 


It’s graduation day, and Marvin and Julius are expressing their anxiety and excitement about going their separate ways.  There is a twist, however: Marvin and Julius are guinea pigs!  An “odd couple” style comedy for all ages!

"Marvin and Julius"

Available from Heuer Publishing
(2M or 2F - Comedic)

Evelyn goes to the dentist in order to ask the dentist's son out on a date, but first she has to get past the dentist's mother in the waiting room. She finally does, and miraculously, not only does the dentist understand what Evelyn is saying while she is having a tooth filled, the dentist agrees to ask her son on Evelyn's behalf. 

“Have a Seat, Please”

Available from Heuer Publishing
(4 to 7 Females - Comic)

An homage to the families displaced by Hurricane Katrina, this play looks at the Williamson family: how they left their home, and the circumstances around their return.

"At The Buzzer"

"Fourth and Short"

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ACME (2M, 1F - comedy)

Two relatives, both of whom are Fantasy Football fanatics, must visit the executor of a family member’s will, and find themselves in an unplanned competition for his belongings.

Click HERE for a script excerpt.


"Family Bond"

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(2F, 2M (one double) - Drama)

With her mom desperately looking for a job to support the two of them, Jamie’s reveal of an old family heirloom connects the past and the present, and holds the key to helping Roberta find that elusive position.

Click HERE for a script excerpt.

Vintage Ring

Two artistic directors negotiate over productions for their respective theaters.  When they discover that they are planning the same shows, they use a variety of methods to decide who will produce each work.  My most produced un-published play.  (Contains mature language.)

Click HERE for a script excerpt.

"Next Season"

We visit the world of "the guy chairs": those areas in the shopping malls made up of chairs in various formations for men to sit in while their significant others are shopping forever and ever. In this world, the men don't just sit in the chairs, they become the chairs themselves! The only escape from their "mall incarceration" is to be sat on and subsequently replaced by another guy. This comedy is for every man who has ever had to wait for his shopper in the mall

"The Guy Chair"

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(5 Men, 1 Non-Speaking - Comic Fantasy)

A restaurant, late at night; Tasser, a mysterious man walks in for a late night bite.  While he waits, he’s given some fortune cookies that have strangely factual information on them.  What kind of place is this?

"The Fortune Cookie"

(4M - Dark Comedy)

PLAYS (Full Length)

"Cutting the Leash"

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(3M, 3F, 4E - Mystery)

A light-hearted mystery, this play can be performed as either a long one-act, or two shorter acts.


Liam Chewt is a teacher who finds himself recently deceased. The first person he encounters at “the wait station” is his (also deceased) 4th grade teacher, Delilah Franberry. Mrs. Franberry tells Liam that, in order to get into heaven, he has 24 hours to solve his own murder. So Liam, with the help to two “Hell’s Angels,” Nuts and Bolts, becomes a sleuth as he tries to uncover his own murderer. The suspect list includes everyone from Sammy Maestro and Jimmy Uncolukas, the school thugs, to Liam’s own daughter, Elayne, to even Mrs. Franberry herself! A fun, yet poignant work that is perfect for teenage performers and Little Theaters, this play examines topics such as family relationships, finding the right friends, and treasuring life while we’re living it. Approx. 70 minutes. 

Full Length Plays
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