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MUSICALS (Mainstage)

In 1918 the Boston Red Sox won their fifth World Series, thanks in great part to the pitching and hitting of George Herman Ruth, a.k.a. The Babe, or The Bambino. Following the 1919 season in which Ruth hit an astounding (for that era) 29 home runs, Red Sox owner Harry Frazee sold the Babe to the New York Yankees.

The Yankees went on to dominate the game of baseball, not just during the Ruth era but for decades afterwards, winning a total of 25 World Series since. The Red Sox, who had won five of the first 15 World Series ever played, embarked on the longest drought in professional sports.  It was called The Curse of the Bambino, and the musical by David Kruh and Steven Bergman broke box office records when it premiered at the Lyric Stage Company of Boston in 2001.   

Then came 2004, and 86 years of futility came to a wonderful conclusion as the Red Sox finally won the World Series.  So Kruh and Bergman have gone back and morphed their successful musical into a celebration of the Red Sox and their fans. 

“The Curse is Reversed”

The Curse of the Bambino - Anchor

The most notorious serial killer in history comes to the stage in this haunting musical spectacle.  Originally presented in 1997 in Boston, “Jack the Ripper: The Whitechapel Musical” was nominated as “Best New Play” by the Independent Reviewers of New England. The score by Steven Bergman is reminiscient of the works of Sondheim and Boublil/Schoenberg, with the lyrics by Christopher-Michael DiGrazia bringing full circle the dark atmosphere of 1888 London.  Email for licensing information and quotes.

“Jack the Ripper:

The Whitechapel Musical”
(10M, 7F, 6+ Ensemble) 
Jack the Ripper - Anchor

Musical based on the novel by George Orwell.  Features 13 original songs and a fresh look at Jones' Farm and the animal takeover that change the lives of its inhabitants forever.

“Animal Farm”

Contact for more information
(26+ characters with at least 3M, 5F) 
Musicals Young Audiences

MUSICALS (Young Audiences)

Music and Lyrics by Steven Bergman.  Book by Steven Bergman and Amy White Graves. Winner of the 2015 Jackie White National Children's Musical Theatre Award, "Reigning Cats & Dogs" is a new musical about acceptance, personal identity, friendship and loyalty. Chou-Chou has a problem: she's a royal dog, but she's always felt like a cat on the inside. Whether it’s a mouse infestation at the castle, or trying to get a performance slot at the Club Kit Kat, she wants everything to be "Purr-fect!" How can she and her feline friends make the kingdom an accepting society? For all ages;  60-70 minutes. 

“Reigning Cats & Dogs”

Reigning Cats and Dogs - Anchor

Music and Lyrics by Steven Bergman.  Based on the tales by Mark Twain.  Follow Tom, Huck, Becky, and all their friends on some of their most exciting and infamous adventures.  From Tom’s getting out of painting Aunt Polly’s fence to their search for buried treasure! Songs include the boys’ anthem “Being a Kid,” the jazzy “Keeps Us On Our Toes,” and the rollicking “Meeting Place.”  For all ages;  60-70 minutes.

“Tom and Huck”

Published by Lazy Bee Scripts
(12+ Characters, Adaptation)
Tom & Huck - Anchor

Adapted by Steven Bergman, Earl Maulding and Christopher DiGrazia. The local school is performing “The Pied Piper,” and the “Mayor” isn’t ready!  the play within a play teaches children about having a good attitude, and the importance of keeping promises, told through the story of Hamelin and its rat problem.  The swinging title song, the toe-tapping duet, “You’ve Gotta Have Two,” and the fun-for-all, “We Are The Rats,” are all included in this entertaining adaptation. For all ages;  60 minutes.

“The Pied Piper”

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(20+ Characters, Adaptation)
Pied Piper - Anchor

Mythological fun! Music and Lyrics by Steven Bergman.  Book by Peggy Traktman.  An anthology of classical mythology set to a modern beat.  Story and songs include King Midas (“Gold Fever”), Pandora (“Why’d Ya Do It?”), Echo and Narcissus, Pygmalion and Galatea (“Perfect Woman”), Minerva and Arachne (“Never Challenge a Goddess”), and the strongest man in the world, Hercules.  For ages 8 and up;  60-70 minutes.

“King Midas and His Friends”

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(4 characters - 2M, 2F, expandable)
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